Odyssey of a Grad Student and the Playlist that Paved the Way (via Promega Connections)

This is something that I think grad student or simple post-grad can enjoy. Give it a try!

Odyssey of a Grad Student and the Playlist that Paved the Way Grad school is no walk in the park. Whether the topic is English or Astrophysics, most grad students would agree that the journey to the coveted PhD can simply be described as “hard”- academically, financially, mentally. It is very important to have an outlet for the associated stress such as a hobby or exercise. My outlet was music. Music is very important in my life. It is so important that most people close to me have their own soundtrack that … Read More

via Promega Connections

About sendmeonmyway101

I graduated in May. I don't have a job. I'm living with my parents. I'm a Stay At Home Daughter.

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  1. Thanks for reposting! Don’t worry, it wil get better. I lost count of how many resumes and cover letters I wrote when job hunting. It is exhausting and demoralizing, but it can be done! My advice is to enjoy your time off as much as possible because once you get that job, you probably won’t have any time like this again for a long time! As far as post-grad music goes, I’ve found PJ Harvey to be quite theraputic 😉 I’m also really involved in my local Hip-Hop scene, which is a blast! Good luck to you.


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