Christine Bahrens

Christine graduated from Salem State University in May 2011, with a BA in English. Upon returning home she became a Stay at Home Daughter.

She spends most of her time cleaning up after her slovenly younger brothers, contributing articles to local e-zines, and job hunting. Most of her postings will consist of projects she takes up around the house, keeping her brothers in-line, and suffering from PGP – Post-Graduation Panic.

About her situation, Chris says, “I feel guilty for mooching off my parents. Yes, I duck my head when I see kids I graduated high school with around town because I’m back HERE. And yes, I’ve gotten to the point that the simple question, “what do you plan to do next?” leaves my stomach knotted, sweat pooling, and triggers irrational fight or flight responses. All symptoms of PGP. But living at home is a different sort of learning, and it’s a challenge that I look forward to tackling.”


Agree, Disagree? Have At It.

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